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Personalise your marketing and gain a competitive advantage through segmentation.

Better information means better marketing decisions

Verify Your Existing DatabasesThe foundation of effective marketing is knowing your customers and prospects. But every consumer is different. What is the best way to organise your marketing strategy and ensure your targeting is efficient and cost-effective?

Unless you are fortunate enough to market a product or service that is a universal necessity, some form of consumer segmentation will feature in your marketing strategies. Precise segmentation involves organising your existing and potential customers into groups with similar needs, motivations, likes, dislikes and behaviours—and isolating those who are not good sales prospects.

Smart companies understand their market segments, and focus marketing resources where they will result in the greatest market penetration and highest return on investment. Scientific techniques allow an enterprise to locate their best prospective targets, refine products and marketing programmes to match their needs and wants, and personalise their offerings and go-to-market strategies.

Across time, they can optimise the creation, distribution, pricing and promotion of products, based on their actual success rate with each targeted segment.

  • An unmatched resource for reaching your best marketing targets:
    By helping you better market your offerings—from introduction through the entire product lifecycle PersonicX provides a return on investment and a competitive advantage to help you turn information into intelligence.
  • Superior differentiation between segments:
    As a household-level segmentation system, PersonicX clusters Australian households into one of 14 life stage groups, based on specific consumer behaviour and demographic characteristics.
  • Precision segmentation:
    Using proprietary BehaviourBase data enables unparalleled accuracy. Data is updated monthly, providing you with up to date knowledge about changes in household life stages and associated lifestyles.
  • Accurate data coverage that reflects the Australian lifestyle today:
    Household-level matches to client files consistently greater than 90%, to ensure you can rely on the most accurate, up-to-date and complete segmentation system available.

The benefits of PersonicX include:

  • Refined accuracy of customer segmentation allowing greater targeting precision
  • Superior differentiation between segments when compared to other segmentation models
  • Provides a consistent framework to see your customers across your product mix and across time
  • Provides an integral part of an enterprise-wide customer segmentation solution
  • Find new prospects and market areas with characteristics similar to your company's most profitable customers
  • Identify under-performing consumer segments that are likely high lifetime value customers
  • Track the changes in performance of critical customer segments over time with consistency
  • Recognise and understand customers that are 'at risk' for churning
  • Grow the value of existing customer relationships by identifying cross-sell and up-sell opportunities

PersonicX Unique Attributes

  • PersonicX segmentation is applied at a household level, not at a SA1 or meshblock
  • The PersonicX segmentation methodology reflects the dramatic differences in consumer behaviour driven by life stages
  • Uniquely refreshed monthly using RightAddress's InfoBase and BehaviourBase household survey data resulting in monthly updated PersonicX assignments
  • PersonicX enables companies to recognise individual customers across the enterprise and to quickly act on the power of that knowledge

The Information Necessary to Address Your Marketing Needs

  • Enhancement-PersonicX codes can be appended to customer and prospect files
  • RightAddress Data Profile Analysis—Pinpoint the important demographic and purchasing characteristics of your customers and prospects to identify your best performers and create highly targeted lists
  • List Selection—For acquisition campaigns, PersonicX is available on InfoBase Consumer and BehaviourBase

Innovative Segmentation

At the heart of RightAddress PersonicX's lifestyle survey programme which produces a ‘living model’, capturing the current demographic trends and movements in the Australian population.

PersonicX Segment Description:

  1. Beginnings
  2. Gen X Singles
  3. Taking Hold
  4. Gen X Parents
  5. Cash & Careers
  6. Flush Families
  7. Transition Blues
  1. Boomer Barons
  2. Modest Means
  3. Our Turn
  4. Mature Wealth
  5. Golden Years
  6. Active Elders
  7. Leisure Buffs