Verify Your Existing Databases

Verify Your Existing Databases Whether you have an existing database that needs postcoding, or simply require a facility that Postcodes your data ‘on the fly’ as it is entered, then RightAddress™ is the right solution for you.

Because RightAddress™ is an on-line solution, RightAddress™ can be accessed wherever you want: it can be integrated into your existing data entry and maintenance interfaces, customer web forms, telemarketing scripts, point of sale terminals .. and anywhere address data needs to be entered or updated.

As RightAddress™ works ‘in situ’ there is no need for extraction of addresses from your system, sending them to a third party and then reloading the cleaned and Postcoded addresses back into your system. RightAddress™ saves you time, money and most importantly eliminates risk due to data changing in the time it has been away being processed or due to a programmer making an error when reloading the cleaned data. Just imagine a programmer reloading the wrong address against the wrong person – this can never happen with RightAddress™.

How RightAddress™ Data Verification works

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RIGHTADDRESS™: Online Demonstration
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